A music pillow is a device that allows its users to fall asleep above a cloud of music. This ingenious invention makes it possible to listen to music while resting one's head on the pillow. When you think about machine cleaning the pillow, you can easily remove the speaker. Find out in the following article what and who the music pillow is used for.

The musical pillow, a playful pillow

Many people like to be lulled to sleep with a background sound. That's why the musical cushion was invented. There are two models to choose from, the first allows you to connect via MP3 and the second has a built-in speaker. Don't worry, the latter won't disturb you while you sleep because it's extremely thin, and unlike headphones, there's no risk of it twisting around your neck during the night. The music pillow has been specially designed so that only the user (the sleeper) hears it, so the person sleeping next to you will not be disturbed.

What does it consist of?

There is certainly nothing better than falling asleep in your bed and resting your head on a perfectly soft original pillow while being taken to dreamland with your favourite music. And for the weird and wonderful people, this can also be done with the rustle of the sea, whale songs or the noise of the motorway. However, the sound of music can disturb your partner, and the cables in the headphones can also be dangerous because you can choke on them when you fall asleep. These are the main reasons that led to the invention of the musical pillow. It sings you a lullaby without disturbing your partner's sleep. Your partner will be able to sleep peacefully without hearing anything. The built-in loudspeaker in this musical pillow is so thin that even people who sleep very lightly won't feel it. No one but the person with his or her head on it can hear the sound produced by the loudspeaker. With a speaker jack, you can play your music through your radio, MP3 player or iPod.

Advantages of the music cushion

The new little lullaby that lets you sleep to music, the musical pillow. No regrets for the headphones that used to help you fall asleep and leave your ears red the next day. Now you can fall asleep comfortably and softly to your music. The song that takes you on a journey, your favourite playlist, a lullaby, start your night by indulging in the music that suits you. A way to keep a Zen attitude.