Natural materials are making a big comeback. Very trendy, bamboo is invading the world of decoration. From architecture to interior design, it has very quickly found its place. Appreciated by thousands of homes around the world, bamboo is the number one decorative object for this year. The perfect gift for any occasion, you can't afford to miss out on these unique objects. Used as equipment or raw material in the manufacture of accessories, there is no doubt that this fashion will leave an indelible mark.

An original Bluetooth speaker made of bamboo

It's true that no one will think of a bamboo enclosure as a gift. This idea is new and full of creativity. At the moment, the trend is towards recyclable and non-polluting materials. Given the urgency of environmental issues, this gesture will certainly be important. This high-tech accessory is seducing more and more people. Possessing modern functionalities, the sound is amplified to obtain a good quality of listening via the telephone. No more need to lug wires everywhere since it is connected. 100% environmentally friendly, it is recyclable and offers much appreciated finishes. Customizable high-tech gadget, the multitude of models provides an unlimited choice.

A bamboo mug to store your hot drinks

The bamboo mug will be the envy of many. It will certainly please lovers of practical and unique accessories. Unlike its counterparts, this mug has exceptional isothermal characteristics. By the time they arrive at work, the coffee will not have cooled down and users can fully enjoy their drinks. This little feat is possible thanks to its double wall. Resistant and insulating by nature, the heat is very well preserved. There is no need for embellishment on the finish as bamboo is in itself very aesthetic. The beauty of its patterns largely contributes to its unequalled charm. Visually, the result is pure but very chic.

A bamboo pencil to offer as a gift

This hybrid accessory between pen and stylus is made of bamboo. To take anywhere, its ecological nature is a real asset. Respectful of the environment, companies often use it as advertising goodies. Adapted to the touch function of most smartphones, its dual functionality is quite attractive. These bamboo gifts have an above-average lifespan. Contrary to what one might think, it is light and customizable. A two-in-one accessory, it allows you to easily plot on a screen. As effective as a classic ballpoint pen, the writing is fluid and of certified quality. It's easy to use to the touch. Its design is particularly thin to facilitate handling.