Having trouble sleeping can be stressful and embarrassing for everyone. It can be the source of fatigue, depression and even other illnesses. The concern is that recovering from this kind of problem can be quite difficult. Many patients suffer from it: young people, adults, the elderly. However, taking medication is essential. But now there are a multitude of methods to fall asleep quickly, without any drug treatment. The use of a luminous metronome for sleep, for example, is a good idea.

The luminous metronome: what is it?

Also known as the "dodow", the luminous metronome is very useful for falling asleep easily. It is a technique that combines meditation, yoga and behavioural therapy. This strategy is based on scientific studies that can have an impact on the breathing rhythm and even on the nervous system. All of this has an influence on falling asleep. The luminous metronome for sleep projects a luminous halo on the ceiling. The halo can swell and de-swell with more particular rhythms that calm the breathing. With this technique, you can achieve more than 6 breaths in one minute. The rhythms will stimulate the baroreflex at the same time. This is the one that promotes relaxation of the human brain.

A simple method of use

One of the advantages of the luminous metronome for sleep is the simplicity of use. If you want to use the dodow in your home, you only need two things. All you need is your finger and your eyes. With your hands, you just need to touch the surface of the luminous metronome in order to start a session. The goal is to relax. You have the possibility to perform a session between 8 minutes and 20 minutes. When the time you have indicated passes, the dodow will switch off automatically. If you have not fallen asleep yet, then you have to start a session again. With this ease of use, this equipment becomes accessible to everyone, even children can practice it.

What does the light metronome contain?

On the market, you have a multitude of choices on the models of luminous metronomes. Most often, it is preferable to choose the manual one. The equipment is equipped with a small card where there is the access code. This code allows you to open an account giving you easy access to the practice of dodow. Usually, on the manual, there is a notice that gives you the instructions for use. Tips that help you to fall asleep quickly and to control your breathing are also written there.