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Basic steps to make perfect coffee

Taking coffee in the morning rejuvenates your entire day. The best way is brewing it yourself, especially if you are a heavy coffee taker. Get the best Carte Noire coffee from frenchwink.com and enjoy the coffee aroma. Ingredients You don’t…

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A wine box or a beer box: and that was the perfect gift for him?

The box food trend, which is already on the spiritious, gastronomy and wines, is now at its peak for beers. Every year, there are new subscription formulas to get a nice box of beer and it is always on the…

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It’ s a fine cordon bleu: how to choose a good japanese knife for him?

In Japan, there are several types of kitchen knives which are chosen mainly according to their uses. Each type of knife corresponds to a specific type of use. Choosing one for a fine cordon-bleu is therefore never an easy task….

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Spices, salts, peppers, olive oils, condiments: the most popular gourmet boxes

There’s nothing like good spices to add flavour to a dish. You will know how to please a cooking enthusiast by offering him a gourmet delicatessen box. And if you let yourself go on the choice of gourmet boxes to…

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Cooking classes and workshops: a gift trend that won’t run out of steam!

Are you looking for an original and trendy gift idea? For your family, friends or colleagues, offer them a cooking class and workshops. What are the advantages of offering a cooking class? Offering a cooking class is an excellent idea,…

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Why don’t you offer a mini portable coffee maker?

A mini coffee machine can be an ideal gift idea, especially for early morning coffee drinkers. For a traditional version that spends less on capsules, opt for a manual mini coffee machine. You can serve yourself anywhere and anytime, whether…

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How do these new connected indoor vegetable gardens pucker up?

Connected indoor vegetable gardens are revolutionary home gardening systems. They are ideal for garden lovers or those who do not know how to garden properly. Maybe you haven’t heard of these connected vegetable gardens yet. This article will teach you…

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