Are you looking for an original and trendy gift idea? For your family, friends or colleagues, offer them a cooking class and workshops.

What are the advantages of offering a cooking class?

Offering a cooking class is an excellent idea, especially when the recipient is passionate about the culinary arts and gastronomy. Cooking classes and workshops are dedicated to cooking enthusiasts. They are mainly gift boxes or a kitchen-themed gift card. The advantage is that the beneficiary is free to choose the date on which he or she wishes to enjoy the gift, as long as the expiry date is not exceeded, which varies from one to two years depending on the supplier. A gift box contains a large number of services that leave a wide choice. A gift card can often be personalised.

Where can I find gifts for cooking classes and workshops?

Gift sets are mainly sold online, on the brand's website or on the bargains website. It is not uncommon to find them in supermarkets and street vendors. On the Internet, you can acquire them in several ways. The easiest way is to order directly an electronic ticket, which you will receive by e-mail just after payment. It's simple, easy and fast. Alternatively, you can opt for a paper gift voucher, which the seller will deliver to the address of your choice. You can also order the entire gift set in the "kitchen" theme and receive it by post. If you go directly to a store, you can choose between a gift box and a gift card at your convenience.

How to take advantage of the offer? The steps to follow

A gift box is very easy to use. Usually, it consists of a book containing the offers and a gift voucher to pay for the service. This voucher is therefore the most important content since it serves as a means of payment from the provider. As for the manual, it is simply a catalogue on which all the profitable offers are presented. The box owner has to choose a service from all the offers. After making his choice, he must call the service provider to register or reserve a place.  After the provider's confirmation, all that remains to be done is to fill in the gift card. However, this card is not automatically active. It must be activated on the brand's website, in the "activation" section, then insert the reference of the gift voucher in the dedicated box and validate. A customer service is available for those in need.