In the age of wireless and multiple connected products, the USB cup warmer is the new geek's favourite object. Owning this miniature, portable gadget can make life easier for many workaholics in front of the screen. Here are some good reasons to offer a USB cup warmer to office geeks.

What is a USB cup warmer?

The USB cup warmer is one of the hottest devices on the market today. It is a plate made of wax or other materials, designed to heat or warm a drink. Considered a gadget, the USB cup warmer allows you to heat any type of beverage such as tea, coffee, chocolate, herbal tea to the desired temperature via a USB power supply. Introduced on the market more than two years ago, it is ideal for users who are forced to sit for hours on end and cannot move around to heat their drinks. They are generally used in high-class companies to save the time that employees take to reheat their hot beverage.

Benefits of using the USB cup warmer

The main advantage of the USB cup warmer is that it allows its users to heat any hot beverage at any time and in any place. Not only is it easy to move around, using the USB Cup Warmer also allows it to be charged simply by connecting it to a USB port device. This allows the user to carry on working without having to travel to find a traditional outlet. It is an object designed to lighten the work of office workers in general. But it also meets other everyday needs, for example when using the USB cup warmer at home. Another advantage of the USB cup warmer is that it is available in several models and colours that can be adapted to the taste of all kinds of people. There are, for example, animal-shaped models for nature animals, models in the shape of a pastry, and so on.

New way of eating

The USB cup warmer consumes very little energy and is therefore a very environmentally friendly gadget. This environmentally friendly side is one of the factors that most appeal to consumers to prefer this equipment. The economy of gadgets wins over the everyday life of families and companies. This device of co-responsible innovation allows to manage a voltage of 5 v from computers and other recharging devices. Its power gravitates around 11 w, which amounts to 1 KW every 66 hours. And if the cost of the cup warmer varies from 12 to 39 euros, its practicability index is such that it is difficult to resist. So far, no information has filtered out on the patenting of this consumer product, but what we can see is that there are more than 10 well-known producers for the year 2020.